Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Liz and Jon's Aspen Wedding

Liz and Jon celebrated their July 11, 2009 wedding in Aspen, Colorado at the Pine Creek Cookhouse. The Cookhouse is situated near Aspen in the Castle Creek Valley at 9700 feet. The wedding began with a Havdahlah ceremony and Ketubah signing. After Jon agreed to the terms of the "wedding contract" he, the Rabbi and witnesses went to find Liz to see if she would agree to be wed to Jon! She did and Liz and Jon's ceremony was held in the meadow at the Cookhouse under a chuppah that Liz and Jon made themselves of Aspen boughs. Earlier in the day rain threatened and indeed there were a few sprinkles as the skies darkened but an hour before the ceremony the clouds parted, the sun came out and the weather was absolutely perfect. After the ceremony the couple had some private time together, known as the Yichud. After they had some time alone I joined them to make a few photographs in the Aspen grove where they were perched on a log enjoying their first moments together as husband and wife. A divine dinner followed with numerous toasts to the couple and then dancing. To see a slide show of their wedding click here.