Sunday, June 22, 2008


The photo agency I work with, Aurora Photos, kicked off a celebration of their 15th anniversary with a photo relay. The first photographer, started on June 10th, and had to create three photos, one of which was uploaded to a special website, Aurora: Action: Reaction. The next randomly selected photographer from Aurora’s contributors has to deliver three images that relates to the first image. This creates a visual action-reaction chain that will be updated every 48 hours. I was on the clock Wednesday and Thursday last week. The image chosen was of Mark Drake and Scott Mossman out for a training ride on an adaptive bike on Rabbit Mountain near Lyons, Colorado. Mark Drake is the owner of Hand Bike America. Mark specializes in adaptive sports technology and takes existing adaptive sports equipment and custom fits it for individuals among many other things. I also went bouldering with renowned climber Malcolm Daly on Flagstaff in Boulder, Colorado. In 1999 Malcolm fell 200 feet while climbing Thunder Mountain in Alaska suffering numerous fractures and frostbite. Malcolm is the Executive Director of Paradox Sports which provides opportunities and inspiration to the disabled community. Malcolm, Mark and Scott are all awesome people and athletes and it was a privilege to met them and share their energy for life. These are the two additional images I contributed. Thank you Mark, Scott and Malcolm!